Losing our trees

Wednesday, Sep. 24, 2014

Recently I was driving in the Southlake-Westlake area near Randol Mill Avenue and Dove Road. I haven’t been in that area in a long time.

One solution

Wednesday, Sep. 24, 2014

One solution to the problem of so-called Americans going over to any Muslim country or any other country to aid and abet any terrorist organization is to immediately strip the individual of American citizenship, if the individual has that privilege, and brand them as enemies of the state.

Value of voter ID

Tuesday, Sep. 23, 2014

As I was reading Bud Kennedy’s article on the governor’s race debate, I was impressed with the fair, somewhat nonpartisan tone. (See: “Davis in need of boost, fails to get one” Sunday, Sept. 21)

Not criminal

Tuesday, Sep. 23, 2014

Oh, for heaven’s sake!

What’s in a name?

Tuesday, Sep. 23, 2014

I think it is outrageous that the Ashburn family is whining about Larry Robertson wanting to open an ice cream shop and use their name, which hasn’t been in use since the ’90s. (See: “Ice cream business plan gets chilly response” Sept. 21)

Excessive search

Tuesday, Sep. 23, 2014

Let me get this straight.

Focus on positive

Tuesday, Sep. 23, 2014

As a society, we are taught to focus on the positive and minimize the negative.

Too much reporting

Tuesday, Sep. 23, 2014

Not sure of the real motivation behind Arlington council member Robert Rivera’s continued pursuit to eliminate driver safety and about $2 million of city income each year by discontinuing the red-light camera system.

All Points: Capturing Hispanic voters in Texas

Tuesday, Sep. 23, 2014

In this and every election season, Texas politicians head for the Rio Grande Valley to demonstrate their keen interest in Hispanic voters. But around 4.5 million of the state’s 9.5 million Hispanics live in the Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio metropolitan areas, while only 1.1 million live in the Valley.

Cause for outrage

Monday, Sep. 22, 2014

I find the ink given to the letter carrier killing an unrestrained dog with a rock disturbing. (See: Letters to the Editor and especially the Sept. 20 Cheers and Jeers section)