Unreasonable response

Friday, Apr. 18, 2014

Whenever I can, I ask my Republican friends these questions: Do you really want the government to force a woman carrying a terribly deformed fetus to take that pregnancy to term?

Discount the rhetoric

Thursday, Apr. 17, 2014

As a former city manager, I have witnessed the political rhetoric that is currently being strewn around Keller as truth.

Questions of science

Thursday, Apr. 17, 2014

A recent New York Times article stated: “Efforts to tackle climate change have repeatedly collided with politics in Washington, where Republicans question the science of global warming, and ties to the fossil fuel industry have made them resistant to change.”

Ignition problems

Thursday, Apr. 17, 2014

Ed Wallace noted (“Recall Scandal Reality,” April 12) that some car accidents appeared to be the result of mistakes by the drivers and not as a result of faulty ignition switches.

Rain, water, fracking

Thursday, Apr. 17, 2014

People ask about the water levels in the lakes and, “When’s it gonna rain?”

Repaying old debts

Wednesday, Apr. 16, 2014

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it unbelievable that our Treasury Department is seizing tax refunds to repay “old debts”? (See: “Social Security halts effort to collect old debts”)

No time for change

Wednesday, Apr. 16, 2014

Change is not always wise.

The game is money

Wednesday, Apr. 16, 2014

Your front-page article on Sunday (see: “Davis: Senate votes didn’t conflict with clients”) says that Wendy Davis’ votes affected her law firm’s profit.

Memories of war

Wednesday, Apr. 16, 2014

The U.S. has been fighting wars since its beginning.

Buying elections?

Tuesday, Apr. 15, 2014

The sad fact is that politicians must typically be wealthy to win statewide or higher.