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Bank of America near settlement of as much as $17 billion

| |Wednesday, Aug. 06, 2014

Bank of America expected to settle to end an investigation into its role in the sale of mortgage-backed securities before the 2008 financial crisis.

Airlines are flying high as fares soar

| |Tuesday, Aug. 05, 2014

The price of an average round-trip ticket in the U.S. tops $500, year, up nearly $14 from the same period last year. Airfares have increased 10.7 percent in the past five years.

SpaceX picks South Texas site for commercial launch facility

| |Tuesday, Aug. 05, 2014

The state is offering millions of dollars in incentives to help make Texas a big player in the burgeoning commercial space industry.

Second U.S. missionary with Ebola arrives

|Tuesday, Aug. 05, 2014

Nancy Writebol, the second American health worker with the Ebola virus to return to the U.S., arrived in the Atlanta area from Liberia today.

Settlement reached in Lake Las Vegas lawsuit against Bass brothers

| |Sunday, Aug. 03, 2014

Creditors led by Credit Suisse alleged that investors including Sid and Lee Bass inappropriately took distributions of hundreds of millions of dollars that led to the bankruptcy of the high-profile development.