Fort Worth continues to make aviation history with deployment of F-22 Raptor over Syria

Friday, Sep. 26, 2014

Fort Worth has been making aviation history since 1911.

UNT facing a very costly transformation

Thursday, Sep. 25, 2014

A report issued by the State Auditor’s Office Thursday, confirmed what University of North Texas officials acknowledged earlier this year: that since at least the year 2000, the school has has been getting millions of dollars in state funds that it should never have received.

FW City Council and Arts Commission now on the same page

Thursday, Sep. 25, 2014

Great cities have great art, including great public art.

Teamwork needed to fund transportation for area’s most needy

Thursday, Sep. 25, 2014

The Fort Worth Transportation Authority (The T), under pressure to expand ridership and provide more rail service, is making a move that is likely to upset many riders and some agencies that serve them.

State sales tax deduction set to expire soon

Tuesday, Sep. 23, 2014

It should surprise no one that Congress has left Washington, D.C. for another two-month recess with work left undone.

New program in H-E-B will aid police in helping the mentally ill

Tuesday, Sep. 23, 2014

It is not uncommon for a relative of a mentally ill person to call police when that family member is experiencing a crisis and perhaps exhibiting out-of-control behavior.

Fort Worth arena project looks good

Tuesday, Sep. 23, 2014

Editor’s note: This editorial has been changed to correct a reference to the Bass family’s role in Bass Performance Hall.

Arlington’s no-nonsense bond package deserves voter approval

Monday, Sep. 22, 2014

Arlington, the seventh largest city in the state and the 50th largest in the country, has to make sure its infrastructure and public service keeps up with its fast-paced growth.

Gambling in Texas on racing replays is far from the finish line

Friday, Sep. 19, 2014

If it looks like a slot machine, and works like a slot machine, it’s a slot machine.

Arlington school district keeping its promise to the voters in implementing record bond proposal

Friday, Sep. 19, 2014

And including experts from the area’s arts community, such as its museums and the Cliburn competition, is a big plus.