Editorial: Sitton gets edge for Railroad Commission

Thursday, Oct. 09, 2014

There are two qualified candidates, but the industry expert deserves the nod.

For General Land Office, Bush is best

Thursday, Oct. 09, 2014

The General Land Office is one of the more obscure state agencies in Texas. But a man with a name that is anything but obscure deserves to be its next leader.

Pace of restoring power commendable given extent of storm damage

Wednesday, Oct. 08, 2014

The storm that hit North Texas last Thursday was a freak, lasting only 15 to 20 minutes and producing officially only 0.32 inch of rain.

But it packed a powerful wallop of straight-line winds in excess of 90 mph that downed trees and power lines, causing one of the most extensive outages the area has seen.

Sunset report puts heat on health agency

Wednesday, Oct. 08, 2014

The Sunset Advisory Commission, charged with upholding accountability and efficiency at every Texas state agency, has found serious organizational and operational flaws at the Health and Human Services Commission.

Don’t push the panic button on Fort Worth school construction

Tuesday, Oct. 07, 2014

Don’t blame parents of students at Fort Worth’s Washington Heights Elementary, on the city’s north side near Meacham Airport, for pushing for all they can get in a planned new school.

Sam Houston for attorney general, but in a thin field

Tuesday, Oct. 07, 2014

Paxton’s securities violations are unacceptable for the state’s top attorney.

Return local incumbents to U.S. Congress

Monday, Oct. 06, 2014

Tarrant County’s delegation in Washington mostly reflects the county’s dominant political landscape: Republican, very conservative but not extremist and, in the House at least, seldom in the national spotlight.

Invading Mexico is not a good plan: Arlington voters in House District 94 race should reject Republican candidate’s extreme views

Saturday, Oct. 04, 2014

By the numbers, the District 94 Texas House race in Arlington should go to the Republican, just as it has for at least three decades.

NAS Fort Worth remains an asset to entire region

Friday, Oct. 03, 2014

Oct. 1, 1994, was the end of an era in Fort Worth; but it was also the beginning of another.

Keep Hardy’s experience on State Board of Education

Friday, Oct. 03, 2014

The Fort Worth Republican is chair of the committee overseeing Permanent School Fund investments.