City’s housing solution takes the long view

Wednesday, Apr. 09, 2014

The phrase “kicking the can down the road” is used so frequently during policy-making debates that calling it a cliché is an understatement.

Fort Worth council wants to get a handle on gaming machines

Wednesday, Apr. 09, 2014

Fort Worth has a problem with game rooms, some of which are operating as illegal gambling operations, but city officials don’t know just how big the problem is or exactly what to do about it.

Arlington ordinance needs uniform enforcement

Tuesday, Apr. 08, 2014

Some people might find it discomfiting to be approached on the street by an individual with an AR-15 slung over his shoulder. Even in Texas.

Lon Burnam suit shows faults in Texas Election Code

Tuesday, Apr. 08, 2014

If electronic applications for mail-in ballots aren’t allowed, why not?

Zapata’s legacy steeped in humility, service to his community

Monday, Apr. 07, 2014

For more than 35 years, former Fort Worth City Councilman Louis J. Zapata was the godfather of Hispanic politics in the city.

Fort Worth crime control district a proven success that ought to be renewed

Saturday, Apr. 05, 2014

Because of rising crime rates and strained municipal budgets in many Texas cities during the 1980s and early 1990s, the state Legislature in 1993 amended a law that allowed cities in counties over 1 million population to create crime control districts supported by sales taxes.

New poll finds most Texans are ‘Americans first’

Friday, Apr. 04, 2014

There’s a common perception among non-Texans that residents of the Lone Star State identify with their geographic boundaries more than folks in any other state in the union.

Texas’ surging school enrollment requires even greater attention to funding needs

Friday, Apr. 04, 2014

The latest public school enrollment figures, released by the Texas Education Agency this week, show an increase in student population of more than 19 percent during the past 10 years.

Editorial: Fort Hood tragedy raises many questions

Friday, Apr. 04, 2014

Early indications suggest the shooter may have been suffering from post-traumatic stress.

Letters: Customer service; voter integrity; Dansby performance

Thursday, Apr. 03, 2014

Something has happened to business in America.