Politics delaying immigration fix

Tuesday, Sep. 09, 2014

The crisis of immigrant children flocking to the Rio Grande Valley has all but faded from the headlines, even in the Lone Star State, which only weeks ago was ground zero for the national debate over immigration reform.

Amendment would boost highway funds

Monday, Sep. 08, 2014

Texas has a long list of needs when it comes to paying for state priorities, while at the same time an oil and gas boom is funneling billions of dollars into the state’s rainy-day savings account.

Editorial: A lively election, both local and state, ahead

Saturday, Sep. 06, 2014

The November ballot has a new order, heated issues and fired-up candidates for highest offices in Texas. So register to vote now.

USS Fort Worth’s 2nd anniversary is fast approaching

Friday, Sep. 05, 2014

Fort Worth is not going to lose sight of its namesake U.S. Navy ship or its crew.

Southeast Fort Worth to get a new YMCA

Friday, Sep. 05, 2014

After several years of planning and clearing a series of what seemed like insurmountable hurdles, the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth is taking its first major step toward building a new facility in the southeast quadrant of the city.

Texas mega-districts wouldn’t save school money

Thursday, Sep. 04, 2014

The way to save money on Texas schools, popular wisdom has said for years, is to not have so many school districts.

Editorial: Feds’ deportation program may not reduce crime

Thursday, Sep. 04, 2014

It is a critical part of Gov. Perry’s strategy to market his border security plan but it deserves another look.

Editorial: Fort Worth school board should move faster on hiring superintendent

Thursday, Sep. 04, 2014

Top-level leadership is an urgent necessity for the district.

Abbott, Davis debate too much about debates

Wednesday, Sep. 03, 2014

If you find it difficult to keep up with the latest news on the prospective Texas gubernatorial debates, you’re not alone.

Glen Garden neighbors are angry at city

Wednesday, Sep. 03, 2014

More than a month after the Fort Worth City Council approved a zoning change that will allow the historic Glen Garden Country Club to be converted into a whiskey distillery site, members of the surrounding community are still fuming.