Johnson County Jail needs fix-up plan

Monday, Sep. 15, 2014

Johnson County Sheriff Bob Alford does a pretty good job of laying out the problems of the county’s deteriorating 25-year-old jail.

Arlington right to move on state-owned land for future development

Monday, Sep. 15, 2014

For 20 years, from 1957 to 1977, Arlington was bisected by the area’s first toll road, the Dallas/Fort Worth Turnpike.

Editorial: Keller ISD’s classic clash over debt

Monday, Sep. 15, 2014

Research shows that even a bare-bones bond plan might be too much for voters, despite its advantages for students and parents

UT Arlington continues to grow its student body

Friday, Sep. 12, 2014

“We’re on our way.” That’s how University of Texas at Arlington President Vistasp Karbhari, during a Star-Telegram Editorial Board meeting in May, characterized the progress his school has made since he took the helm just over a year ago now.

New public art piece in downtown Fort Worth appears to be a hit

Friday, Sep. 12, 2014

Fort Worth now has a remarkable yellow ribbon, one so big that it could never be tied round the old oak tree.

Grapevine shows it has heart by preserving part of its soul

Thursday, Sep. 11, 2014

The city’s decision to save its historic black homes was a bold move.

Business, labor groups find shared ground

Thursday, Sep. 11, 2014

It’s not often that business and labor groups find themselves on the same side of an issue, especially in Texas where the business climate is mostly favorable and unions are usually weak or nonexistent.

Video recording police in action shouldn’t result in arrests

Wednesday, Sep. 10, 2014

Arlington police have reached out to these “cop watch” groups, offering to have a dialogue about best safety practices during these video encounters. It would be wise for these groups to accept that offer.

Fort Worth trustees alter use of bond money for athletics

Wednesday, Sep. 10, 2014

Restriction to field houses not best for every high school.

Fort Worth school bond watchdogs are doing their job

Tuesday, Sep. 09, 2014

Committee members jolted by a $4.45 million spending surprise.