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As a Texan, I support Sen. Ted Cruz and his struggle to limit the size and scope of the federal government.

Cruz and his fellow Republicans are doing exactly what they promised they would do if elected.

That most Americans hold Republicans responsible for the government shutdown says less about their re-election hopes than it says about the left-leaning media.

Republicans control the U.S. House and consequently the power of the purse. They’re doing no more than exercising their constitutional right.

Running the government has always involved give and take. The Democrats need to realize this. Demanding full compliance while believing the Republicans will be found at fault is not a solution. It’s a scheme, and the American people are the victims.

— Mark Knittle, Fort Worth

Whenever I hear people screaming “states’ rights” and “big government,” I remember my relatives using those code words when Alabama Gov. George Wallace was standing up against desegregation.

The Ku Klux Klan came out in their sheets and dared the federal government to uphold the law allowing black children to go to white schools. The same mentality exists today in the Tea Party.

While waving the U.S. Constitution, they want to overthrow our elected president or threaten to secede from the very union so many died to preserve.

Today, Tea Partiers march at the White House waving a big Confederate flag. All this hate for our president isn’t about anything but race.

The Tea Party is just the KKK in a new sheet. Ted Cruz is their idol and Fox News their oracle.

— Faith Salfen, Arlington

Obamacare is a big part of the final socialization of America, blindly rammed through by “Democrats” elected by a deceived people.

Let no one think he lives in a democracy. This country is now ruled and ruined by an autocratic president, willing to go well beyond the powers abdicated to him by a foolhardy Congress, and by a despotic judicial oligarchy, whose social and political opinions are the “law of the land” to our near-worthless Congress.

Hands off the Ted Cruzes and the “radical right” Tea Party.

Imperfect though they may be, someone has to stand down the present gang in Washington before they destroy, not only the country’s wealth, but also what is left of a good, moral, God-fearing American people.

— Al McCann, Colleyville

It’s time to confront this radical minority of fanatics who threatened the full faith and credit of the U.S., the world economy and the basic principles we hold dear.

Any policy discussion becomes a threat to their imagined righteousness, to their imagined power and influence.

We saw this in the rational attempt to conduct background checks on gun purchases, but their irrational position denied reason. We saw this in the attempt at immigration reform, but their xenophobia ended any hope of practical action, despite the 11 million-plus who are a major part of this economy.

And now we see it in their attempt to eliminate the Affordable Care Act.

Here they were again trying to force their will on the majority, despite passage of this law, despite the Supreme Court, despite the general election.

There will be no end to this until we stand up and put a stop to these assaults on the will of the people.

— Jack R. Tarvin Jr., Arlington

As a Vietnam combat veteran, I’m offended when I see a Tea Party Republican, chickenhawk, Washington politician glad-handing veterans as though they felt any concern for them.

Many of the those who call themselves patriots have the audacity to claim they have the best interests of our military and veterans at heart.

They’re like common criminals who extort victims for personal gain.

This nonsense that President Obama and the Democrats shut down government, closed the national parks, caused federal workers to be furloughed, etc., is an outright lie.

Either the Ted Cruz element of the GOP is so stupid as to not understand the implications of the shutdown, like spoiled brats, or they didn’t care about the harm it would cause the common person.

They aren’t that naive, or that stupid. They didn’t care.

— Michael S. Tomasic, Burleson

Now that the GOP congressional representatives from Texas have aligned themselves with the Tea Party by their unanimous “no” votes on Wednesday night, I suppose we can kiss goodbye any attempts to reconcile differences between Republicans and Democrats in the near future.

The spectacle of Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin storming the gates of the White House because of the shutdown of the World War II Memorial was all theater, in that Cruz triggered the mess.

I hope that Cruz’s antics will be recognized by the majority of Americans for what they are: self-serving, hypocritical and all political hype.

Does anyone remember Sen. Joseph McCarthy and his performances?

— Anne Norman, Richland Hills

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