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Candidate responds

I entered the campaign for Keller City Council, Place 1, believing citizens would consider the facts about the candidates and cast their votes. What I didn’t count on was my positions on the issues being misrepresented and distorted by my opponent and her supporters.

In recent Letters to the Editor of this newspaper and at a recent candidate forum, my position about development was repeatedly misstated. It has been said I support “high density” development in North Keller because of my support for the Bridgewood neighborhood. Nothing could be further from the truth.

First, the city’s zoning map clearly indicates Bridgewood is a medium density development. My opponent stating otherwise is nothing but a scare tactic trying to incorrectly convince voters the city is cramming high density rooftops onto small lots. It’s just not true. Second, I do not support high density development in North Keller. I never have, and it’s time for the misrepresentation to stop.

It’s clear development in North Keller is an important issue, but I don’t believe it’s the only one we need to be concerned with. An effective council member must consider all of the issues facing the entire community and be prepared to offer comprehensive solutions. My campaign, which is based on my desire to help Keller continue to be the community of choice in Northeast Tarrant County, does exactly that. I invite you to visit my website, BobHillforKeller.com, to learn the truth about my candidacy, and I’m asking for your vote on May 11.

Bob Hill, Candidate for Keller City Council, Place 1, Keller

Support for Bob Hill

One of my greatest honors was being elected to the Keller City Council. I enjoyed serving as a leader in our community, and I appreciated the support I received from people throughout our town.

Having had that experience, I believe I have a unique perspective on what it takes to serve successfully at Town Hall. While it takes many positive attributes to be an effective Council member, none is more important – in my opinion – than being thoughtful. Being thoughtful requires intellect, a calm demeanor and a willingness to listen to and learn from others. Only then can you successfully weigh all the options and make reasonable decisions for our community.

As I look at the candidates for Keller City Council, Place 1, I believe Bob Hill has demonstrated he is a very thoughtful individual who has approached his work deliberately and with great passion. He’s shown a tremendous commitment to Keller for more than 20 years, and he has done so with honor and integrity.

Without reservation, I submit that Bob Hill is exactly the kind of person we need on the Keller City Council to lead our community forward. I offer him my strongest support and ask all my friends and neighbors to join me in voting for him on Election Day.

Terry Barker

Support for Debbie Bryan

I am pleased to offer my support for Debbie Bryan for Keller City Council Place 1.

I've known Debbie since we were involved in forming a coalition of residences and neighborhoods for the purpose discussions and negotiations with the various gas and oil operators, beginning over five years ago.

Though our neighborhoods went in different directions regarding lease signings, I was very impressed with the enthusiasm, energy and sense of purpose that Debbie exhibited. She was a good listener, quick study, and independent thinker who was able to work well with many individuals of the various neighborhoods. She canvassed neighborhoods thoroughly, tirelessly, and selflessly, a trait I'm sure she's provided with her other civic activities.

Her vision for Keller is quite simple, take advantage of the remaining land available for commercial build out and recruit thoughtful and quality developers and businesses. Staying on budget and conducting city business with as much transparency as possible, and to ensure home construction and build out is maintained at the highest of standards and density, that can be supported by our infrastructure.

Debbie's passion for Keller motivates her to represent all of Keller for all the right reasons, without ego, agenda, or personal gain. She will work well with her colleagues, provide leadership and isn't obligated to any external influences. Please vote for Debbie, you'll be glad you did.


Nelson Dunkle, Keller

A vote for Debbie Bryan

Early on in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the Vogon destructor fleet commander announces to Earth: "There’s no point acting all surprised about it. The plans have been on display at your local planning office in Alpha Centauri for 50 of your Earth years." Remind you of anything?

All right, neither Earth nor Keller face imminent destruction, but… an issue in the City Council election is Keller’s future development, which will be influenced greatly by recent and not-so-recent development decisions, especially in the north. In our view, residents generally trust officials to adhere to zoning and land use plans, and that a request for an exception or variance will be adequately publicized to maximize input of residents.

Some decisions affect neighbors; others affect neighborhoods. The impact of a reduction in lot sizes over a large area is, well, large – and publicity for such a request should be appropriate. An example is the Bridgewood project.

Although we can see Bridgewood from our porch, it is (officially) too far away for us to have received prior notification about proposed changes. Negative reaction to this plan included a crowd petitioning the Council to reconsider, to no avail. The Council must avoid the impression that citizen input is a potential problem, rather than part of a constructive dialogue with the City.

Keller has many natural assets, and increased density capitalizes on none of them. We enthusiastically support Debbie Bryan for Keller City Council.

Michael & Heather Foote, Keller

Debbie Bryan for Council

I am writing in support of Debbie Bryan for City Council.

Debbie is my choice not because she is a woman but because "of the content of her character" and her common sense approach to problem solving. I know Debbie will be available to answer questions and will do the necessary diligence in investigating an issue. She has no interests in the city that would result in personal financial gains.

Keller would have a full-time council representative looking out for the best interests of the citizens, a person of integrity.

Marie Howard, Keller

Precinct Chair 3054

Voting for Debbie Bryan

My husband and I moved to Keller 10 years ago, after living in Arlington for five years. We searched high and low to find a "just right" area, and chose Keller for it's fantastic open spaces and public facilities, excellent school system, and low crime rate.

While we support growth and development, we strongly believe that great care should be taken to preserve the Keller that we all know and love today. Piecemeal changes to our future land use plan with no consistent and clear path have resulted in some oddly placed housing developments that have compromised our quality of life. Schools are crowded, and traffic now zips through our once-tranquil neighborhoods.

Debbie Bryan has shown commitment to the people of Keller and our concerns for a consistent and clear growth path. I hope everyone who loves our great city will get out and vote for Debbie. It is critical to preserving the quality of life that we have all grown accustomed to in Keller.


Shannon Edwards, Keller

Support Debbie Bryan

I do not feel that Bob Hill would be a good person for our city council. Please go to the Keller City website and view Planning and Zoning commission video- Aug. 13. At two hours and 22 minutes you will hear him state that he represented his HOA, and that all 44 members supported the high density housing development now going in near his home on Mt. Gilead Road.

Debbie Bryan, who also lives close to the development, presented a petition against it, signed by many neighbors including seven from Mr. Hill’s HOA.

On the City Council video of Sept.3, you will hear her presenting the petition, and telling Mr. Hill about the signatures from his own members.

One HOA member has been circulating an email stating that Mr. Hill, then the HOA treasurer, met with the developers and never let the HOA members know about it. I do not think this kind of behavior is desirable in a city councilman.

Please vote for Debbie Bryan. She is running on principle.

She supports balanced development and feels that current residents should decide what development goes on in their areas. She is also very supportive of bringing business to Keller and having the Keller budget better balanced between taxes from business and residences. She is an enthusiastic individual who has the welfare of Keller, and its residents, in mind. She shoots straight from the hip and you can count on her to represent you fairly.

Joan Boyle, Keller

Support for Debbie Bryan

This election is very important for the taxpayers of Keller. We need a true representative of the people and the best person to do that is Debbie Bryan. When it comes to the future development of Keller, Debbie will listen to input from and work for the interests of the residents. She supports quality residential development that is compatible with surrounding existing neighborhoods, that is consistent with the current zoning, and that will not overload the City's infrastructure capabilities.

She also supports quality retail and commercial growth so that the residents don't have all of the tax burden. Debbie supports low density development in order to maintain the quality of life that makes Keller such a great place to live.

Unlike Debbie, Bob Hill is pro-developer instead of pro-resident and we don't need another one of those. Bob has previously spoken at P&Z meetings in favor of high density development (crackerbox housing on postage stamp lots). This high density development philosophy will put increased strains on our roadways, make schools more crowded, and add to traffic congestion and drainage problems. In addition, it will increase homeowners' property taxes to pay for this excessive development. Debbie is in favor of the interests of the people of Keller rather than the profits of developers, builders and Realtors.

Debbie is hard working, honest and trustworthy. Please join me in voting for Debbie Bryan for City Council.

Linda Taylor, Keller

A vote for Debbie Bryan

I am writing in support of Debbie Bryan for Keller City Council. I have known Debbie for several years and she is a true giver. Debbie is married and has devoted the last 12 years to caring for her combined family of eight. Now with one graduated from UT Austin and four in college, she sees her next challenge as that of being a "community servant" to the great citizens of Keller. We are fortunate to have her volunteer.

Debbie gives of herself in many ways such as volunteering for the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, having hosted three foreign exchange students, serving the last three years on their selection committee, and chaperoning 200 foreign exchange students to New Orleans for the International Rotary Convention. This should tell you a little about her character. Debbie is a passionate person with immense integrity and intelligence. I am confident Debbie will be a wonderful representative for our city and will always listen to, and look out for, the people of Keller. Please join me in voting for Debbie Bryan for Keller City Council. She will truly be the voice of the people and protect the future of Keller.

Carolyn Fleet, Keller

Debbie Bryan supporter

The upcoming City Council election is an important one for all residents of Keller and I am grateful that Debbie Bryan is running for this position. She is a Keller resident who is committed to our city and her constituents. Her focus is to represent all of us - the tax paying citizens and local businesses. She is in favor of strategically planning for Keller's growth, to ensure that new business and development projects are good long-term solutions for Keller and to protect our infrastructure and neighborhoods as we grow. She supports development that is done responsibly and in harmony with surrounding neighborhoods. She understands that economic growth is critical if we are to reduce the tax burden carried primarily by taxpayers today. For me, the real question comes down to this: which candidate will represent the interests of the tax paying citizens? The answer is clear - a vote for Debbie is a vote for you. I hope everyone will vote on May 11.

Carolyn Calfee, Keller

Glenn Strother support

I will be supporting Glenn Strother for re-election to Place 5 of the Trophy Club Town Council.

I believe that good character is far more important than any skill set and when we have someone that possesses both character and expertise then that is the person that I choose to support.

It is no secret that Trophy Club is experiencing unprecedented growth. The members of the Town Council are asked almost every month to review plans for both residential and commercial development. None of the members, with the exception of Glenn, have any real experience in reviewing plats, plans, topography, drainage, etc. As a developer and a builder Glenn is very comfortable with these and is able to ask the questions necessary to ensure that we are moving forward and approving a development that will enhance Trophy Club and not be a continuing problem. We cannot afford to lose this expertise, especially during this period of expansion.

Join me in re-electing Glenn Strother.

Danny Mayer, Trophy Club

A vote for Glenn Strother

Having served with Glenn Strother on Town Council for four years, I eagerly support his re-election to Place 5. His honesty, integrity, good character, dedication and skill sets are clearly exemplary. We may not always agree, but I know I can trust Glenn's information.

Propositions 1 - 18 are well thought out and in the Town's best interest.

Mr. LaMont's Proposition Number 19 brings forth a concept which has been previously tried in the Town and it failed. Proposition 19 is poorly written: Among other things, it would require the committee to attend all Town open meetings (approx. 97 last year); and, provide cost analysis on all existing Town projects back to the Town's inception.

If it became necessary to fund Mr. LaMont's Committee at MUD 1 Director rates, the annual cost could easily exceed $90,000. For a recommendation to Council -- that's silly!

Easy to remember "Yes" on Strother 1-18, "No" on Mr. LaMont's Silly 19." Your vote is important…Bring it to the ballot box…Make it count!!


Bill Rose, Trophy Club

In response

Response to Council Member Bill Rose's misrepresentations about the Proposed Charter Amendment for a Ways and Means Committee.

Here are the facts:

(1) Over 430 residents signed the petition, 20-25 residents collected signatures, the ballot was drafted by 5 residents.

(2) The Committee met with the Town Manager and made several changes based on some of his concerns.

(3) The final draft was sent to the Council, Town Attorney and Manager, no objections were made, the Town Manager in an email stated that the Amendment looked good.

(4) Bill Rose voted to approve the ballot Amendment without any comments.

(5) After the Council voted to place it on the ballot we asked the Town Secretary if there were any further issues, we would gladly meet with the Town Attorney and/or Manager.

(6) As to Mr Rose's incorrect comparison with the MUD Director's fees to the W&M Members, no Council member or Volunteer can be compensated as per the Town Charter. 

(8) The prior Ways and Means Committee did not fail, it was disbanded by the Council in 2008. Up until 2008 our Tax rate was flat around .43 cents per $100 property valuation, after the Committee was disbanded the Tax rate went up nearly 10 cents in the next 4 years in which Council Member Glenn Strother, my opponent, was on the Council.

The Ways and Means Committee is about oversight and Accountability.

I encourage you to vote "yes" on Proposition #19.

Greg Lamont, Trophy Club

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