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Delicate and Delicious Easter Dinners

Posted Wednesday, Apr. 20, 2011

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Hippty Hop Hop Easter on its way.  The official beginning of spring and all things pastel we are just days away from the Easter holiday.  If you are like me you are still in planning mode getting those last minute details together for family and friends who may gather at your home this holiday season.

One of my favorite things about the Easter holiday is the coming together for a special dinner. I like to create a brunch of sorts with both dinner and lunch items for my family to enjoy. 

Here are few tips on creating a special dinner for your family on Easter Sunday.

1. Dress the table- Nothing says holidays like the right table dressings.  Be sure to add colorful spring time palates and napkin rings to match.  The table settings help to set the tome for the dinner, whether you chose a very casual and laid back dinner or something more formal. 

2. Choose exciting appetizers- Appetizers are the teasers before dinner.  These can also be theme related, for example for Easter you can have deviled eggs, rabbit on a stick, and others.  Play with it, have fun and be sure to put forth a great presentation.

3. Offer Brunch - Our family attends Easter services at our church.  Generally we at home in time for what would be considered breakfast for some and lunch for others.  Brunch is a great way to give your guests a variety of foods.  I tend to offer focus on one highlight from each lunch and dinner with sides to accomodate both.  This way guests can choose either or both.

4.  Do Desserts- Dessert are big during the Easter holiday.  There are lots of chocolates, and marshmallows but you want to be sure to add a little spice.  Cake and cookies are great choices for the Easter holiday.  If you are not a baker then buy, purchasing is always better than having nothing at all.

 5. Drinks are on the house- Be sure to have a variety of great drinks for your guests.  Find some great brunch cocktails as well as water, pucnhes and teas for your other guests.  Create cute names for your drinks to carry out with your theme and be sure to add lemons, limes, and fruit for taste and punches of color!

Those are some fresh, fun, and fabulous ideas for the Easter holiday.  I would love to hear how some of the dinners turned out! Make it a great Mommy day and don't forget to visit me at!


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