The Garden Guru: Check this pre-fall list

| Friday, Aug. 29, 2014

The window of opportunity for a hardy, healthy spring is open — so don’t delay these landscape tasks.

Show Us Your Garden: Communing with koi in Fort Worth

| |Saturday, Aug. 23, 2014

On a hillside property with a scenic pond, a Colonial Hills gardener makes peace with erosion and tends to his fish.

Interior designers reimagine college dorm rooms

| Friday, Aug. 22, 2014

Halfway between the family nest and your fabulous future may very well be a dorm room. Smaller than a walk-in closet in a new suburban home, it often comes with a roommate, not enough storage space and the most generic furniture the university can buy. On the upside, there are no parents down the hall, and short of spray-painting the walls, you can decorate it any way you want.

The Garden Guru: Consider celosias for fall color

| Friday, Aug. 22, 2014

Mums and marigolds are fine, but this plant’s bold color options are just made for the season.

Neil Sperry: Dallisgrass is the big, green monster

| Friday, Aug. 15, 2014

Those clumps of weeds are a real threat to turf grass and must be controlled.

Summer DIY tips for the home

| Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014

Don’t wait until spring to make your home more beautiful and liveable.

Neil Sperry: Add pops of yellow to the landscape

| Friday, Aug. 08, 2014

Bright flowers and foliage bring the sunny side of summer to garden beds and containers

The Garden Guru: Turfgrass on trial

| Friday, Aug. 01, 2014

Lawns get a bad rap during hot, dry spells, but this most basic part of the landscape performs valuable tasks.

Local experts offer late-summer garden help

| |Tuesday, Jul. 29, 2014

Trust these tips for adding new color and life to a drought-ridden landscape.

Show us your garden: Private park in Parker County

| |Saturday, Jul. 26, 2014

Home is a secluded log cabin for Nancy and Richard Neuhaus, who raise food, tend flowers and share their parklike property with bobcats, deer and rabbits.