Suburban Fort Worth schools underperform

| |Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014

More school choice would empower parents and students.

Find ways to honor fallen soldiers

| |Monday, Nov. 10, 2014

Visit a monument and say a silent thank you.

Norman read

| |Saturday, Nov. 08, 2014

Find more highway money, stop toxic waste, get the air cleaned up.

Here’s what the new Legislature will do …

| |Saturday, Nov. 08, 2014

Keep guarding the border, and lead on school finance reform.

Immigration a wedge for Obama

| |Thursday, Nov. 06, 2014

He can split the Senate’s new GOP majority before it takes office.

Abbott campaign saw new voters trending GOP

| |Thursday, Nov. 06, 2014

Internal campaign polls confirmed new registrants were conservative.

Texas vets deserve access to justice system

| |Wednesday, Nov. 05, 2014

Too many veterans still need help with unresolved legal issues.

GOP wins could benefit Obama

| |Wednesday, Nov. 05, 2014

Republicans will be under pressure, and they have better leadership.

Science says 16-year-olds are adult enough to vote

| |Wednesday, Nov. 05, 2014

The U.S. should consider lowering the voting age.

Container Store’s pay is unique

| |Tuesday, Nov. 04, 2014

It would be a harmful mistake to say chain fits minimum-wage mold.