Teachers offered tools for mental health first aid

| |Wednesday, Apr. 09, 2014

Training to help educators recognize, respond to classroom crises.

Texas should cut its sales tax

| |Tuesday, Apr. 08, 2014

Lawmakers will have at least $2.6 billion extra for the next budget.

Fort Worth must fund more housing for the homeless

| |Tuesday, Apr. 08, 2014

Coordinated efforts need care-supported homes or apartments.

To love, protect Texas children

| |Monday, Apr. 07, 2014

Funding for CPS caseworkers is up, retention still an issue.

Let residents choose watering days

| |Saturday, Apr. 05, 2014

Flexibility in Fort Worth’s drought plan would let people save more water.

Texas should abide by law to help stop prison rapes

| |Friday, Apr. 04, 2014

Gov. Rick Perry has refused to comply with the Prison Rape Elimination Act

Torture program revealed

| |Wednesday, Apr. 02, 2014

Washington is about to be ramrodded into finally confronting, under democracy’s spotlight, the central war-and-peace controversy of our post-9/11 times: Whether our nation is tough enough to commit itself to practice the core values it preaches about what makes America exceptional in war and in peace.

The longstanding bitter battle between the CIA and Senate exploded all over our front pages this week.A five-year investigation by the Senate Intelligence Committee discovered a number of new brutal interrogation practices, some of which go beyond the well-known practice of waterboarding inflicted upon prisoners by CIA operatives.

Wising up on the benefits, rewards of early education

| |Tuesday, Apr. 01, 2014

Republicans ignore value, Democrats would overspend.

Phone-friendly skies aren’t unsafe or annoying

| |Monday, Mar. 31, 2014

Global airlines equipped for cellphone service report few problems but resistance in U.S. remains strong.

New high-speed railroad will be good for Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth

| |Monday, Mar. 31, 2014

Market-driven approach will be led by private investment.