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2012 Presidential Campaign (Page 4)

Obama offers rousing defense of his presidency

| |Friday, Sep. 07, 2012

As he officially accepts the Democratic Party's nomination, President Barack Obama warns of tough times as the nation emerges from what he called "challenges that have built up over decades."

Clinton vs. Cowboys: Who won the ratings war?

| |Friday, Sep. 07, 2012

Football tops the Democratic National Convention ratings in North Texas, but nationally former President Bill Clinton's address outdrew the Cowboys-Giants game.

Michelle Obama inspires Democratic delegates

| |Wednesday, Sep. 05, 2012

The first lady headlined the opening night of the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday with an emotion-charged speech designed to build enthusiasm among women and minorities, whose votes are critical to re-electing her husband.

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro fires up delegates at Democratic convention

| |Wednesday, Sep. 05, 2012

Latinos took center stage on opening night of the Democratic National Convention. Not only was San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro the first Latino to give the keynote address, but in a speech that hammered the theme of opportunity and honored the hard work of older generations so that the young could prosper, he spoke to the highest number of Latino delegates, 800, at any presidential convention

Democrats turn left on social issues, widening chasm with GOP

| |Wednesday, Sep. 05, 2012

Democrats staked out unmistakably liberal positions on some of the nation’s most volatile social issues Tuesday, notably abortion and gay marriage, planting the party as firmly on the political left as Republicans are on the political right.

Texas in the spotlight Tuesday as Democrats kick off in Charlotte

| |Tuesday, Sep. 04, 2012

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Call them idealistic, but the Texas delegates in town for the Democratic National Convention are reading a lot into the selection of San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro to give Tuesday night's keynote address.

North Texans ready to stand with Obama at convention

| |Sunday, Sep. 02, 2012

Democrats hope to seize the moment and say the country is “at a crossroads.”

Romney accepts nomination, vows to create better future

| |Friday, Aug. 31, 2012

Mitt Romney kicks off the final phase of his bid to become the 45th president, accepting the Republican nomination and urging the country to look closely at his résumé, his vision and his remedies for the ailing economy.

Fort Worth woman crowned Mrs. Conservative at GOP convention

| |Thursday, Aug. 30, 2012

Lindz Sangalli says “we can sleep a little better” if Mitt Romney wins the presidency.

Romney strikes back at Obama as convention waits

| |Monday, Aug. 27, 2012

Mitt Romney worked to make his voice heard above the roar of a tropical storm Sunday, striking back at President Barack Obama and scrambling plans for his weather-shortened convention to deliver his pitch to the nation. “A campaign of anger,” he said of Obama.

Texas delegates have quieter roles at 2012 Republican convention

| |Monday, Aug. 27, 2012

But rising star and U.S. Senate nominee Ted Cruz will speak Tuesday

Concealed handguns pop up as issue at GOP convention

| |Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012

The Tampa mayor asked to ban them. The governor declined.

Romney tells Ohio audience: Don't fall for Obama's rhetoric

| |Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012

The GOP candidate makes an appeal to female entrepreneurs.

Fort Worth company uses data mining to locate donors for Romney

| |Saturday, Aug. 25, 2012

The Buxton Co., an analytics firm, uses personal information that consumers give away to locate wealthy potential donors to political campaigns.

Ryan is no stranger to Texas

| |Saturday, Aug. 11, 2012

Gov. Rick Perry and former President George W. Bush praise the GOP vice presidential selection, while Democrats blast him as a throwback “to the failed Bush-Cheney approach.”

Romney says U.S. economy needs 'something dramatic'

| |Monday, Aug. 06, 2012

But he declines to describe exactly what he would do differently.

Presidential race enters tense final 100 days

| |Sunday, Jul. 29, 2012

The race may change, but the central economic messages won't.

Texas GOP not feeling as much love as usual in 2012 campaign

| |Sunday, Jul. 29, 2012

Some Texans are disappointed by faraway lodging at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

Obama says he's failed to change D.C. politics

| |Sunday, Jul. 15, 2012

"Washington feels as broken as it did four years ago," he says.

Romney, Obama accuse each other of lying

| |Friday, Jul. 13, 2012

Negative campaigning may alienate voters on both sides.