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My husband's employeer is no longer offering dental insurance and I need coverage; especially with two young children. I've called numerous places (Cigna, Gaurdian, Pinnicle Choice, Alliance Health, etc.)and they either don't sell insurance to individuals or they no longer offer dental insurance in Texas. There are several dental discount plans online, but I want actual insurance.

My husband and I went to see Date Night starring Steve Carell and Tina Fay, and we both really enjoyed it. It was nice to see a movie that we both enjoyed and one that didn't show all the funny parts in the previews. It was a great comedy with a lot of laugh out loud moments. I highly recommend this movie.

I found a great Fort Worth treat.

I recently heard that the price of 3D and regular movies were increasing, so when my son asked to see How to Train You Dragon 3D I decided to do my homework and it was a lot of work. First of all, I checked the movie listings in the paper, and was annoyed to realize that not all show prices are listed for the theaters and I couldn’t even find a listing for AMC Theaters!

Birchman Baptist Church Christmas at Birchman: Celebrate the Savior! December 12 at 3 & 7PM December 13 at 7PM Christ Chapel Bible Church Evensong: Christmas Eve Candlelight Service December 24th (eight service times to choose from) Christ The Redeemer Anglican Church- Meeting at LMRA Main Bldg. Children's Pageant/Family Service December 24 at 4 &

I was at a friends house a few months ago when I heard about Miele vacuum cleaners for the first time. My friend was telling us that he watched a vacuum cleaner demo of multiple vacuum cleaners and Miele was by far the best. When I got home I did some research.

My husband and I never celebrated Christmas with our families when we were growing up. Our families didn't believe in celebrating Christmas because a date of Christ's birth was never given in the Bible and they viewed it as a pagan tradition. My husband and I left the church, that we were raised in, many years ago and we celebrated our first Christmas when my son was around 3-years-old.

Say it isn't so! I'm so bummed about Jesse James' affair with that tattoo lady. I have to admit that I was surprised when I heard that he and Sandra Bullock married about five years ago.

It was only last week when we received our first Automated Red Light Enforcement ticket. I always wondered what they cost and I now know it's $75. In my husband's defense, he did turn right on red at Hulen/Granbury, and after seeing the video footage, my husband submitted the form to contest it. I'm curious to what the outcome will be.

I wasn't actually planning on going to any stores on Black Friday, but when a friend called and asked if I could go, well she didn't have to twist my arm too much. We weren't originally going to go to Toys R Us for their sale that started at 10PM on Thursday, but my friend saw a few items that she wanted to try and get there.

A few weeks ago I was out of toothpaste and decided to try Crest Pro-Health toothpaste, because I had a Costco coupon, and I was completely out of toothpaste. I had squeezed everything I could squeeze out of my last tube of toothpaste. I tried Crest Pro-Health that night and it was ordinary toothpaste with a minty taste.

Here's a list of local churches that are having Fall Festivals, Carnivals, or Truck or Treat. Please help add to the list, if you know of any others. Life Church 5298 Trail Lake Dr Fort Worth, TX 76133 October 23rd Fall Carnival 1PM-4PM Southwest Christain Church 7101 Trail Lake Drive Fort Worth, Texas 76133 Truck R Treat October 23rd 6PM to 8PM Trinity Chapel Bible Church 6610 Southwest Blvd.

Construction is scheduled to begin June 2010 to build a 12 million Legoland Discovery Centre in Grapevine Mills. The centre is designed for families that have children ages three to twelve, and the Legoland adventure will be between two to three hours long. Are you as excited as I am? Well, we'll have to wait until March 2011. 

I recently bought the Shark Steam Pocket Mop from Bed Bath & Beyond . Most of my floors are hardwood and they're such a chore to clean. I watched the infomercials for the H2O Mop Ultra and the Shark Steam Pocket Mop and was really torn on which one to get. The Shark Steam Pocket Mop has multiple heads where the H2O Mop Ultra does not.

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