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The entire country is waiting for the magical day, the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  There seems to be an undeniable obsession surrounding the nuptials of these two lovers.

Hippty Hop Hop Easter on its way.  The official beginning of spring and all things pastel we are just days away from the Easter holiday.  If you are like me you are still in planning mode getting those last minute details together for family and friends who may gather at your home this holiday season.

We have all been bracing ourselves these last couple of days for the stark possibility of a government shutdown.  A move that would ultimately affect millions of Americans across our nation.  The prospect of a shutdown has been avoided as lawmakers scrambled to come to a compromise on last night.  Based on new reports officials were able to refrain from the costly cessation by finalizing the budget.

Once again the car seat laws have changed.  For those of you like myself who still have infants and toddlers in car seats it is imperative to be aware of these new laws.  

We all know and love the hearthrob that is Justin Beiber, or JB as the ladies like to call him.  He is the cute long haired dancing youtube sensation turned superstar performer. 

As we have all read in the news many teachers in the state of Texas will be laid off this school year due to budget shortfalls.  These layoffs come at no better time as many Americans around the state and nation have found themselves in this position.  These are tough times that we are facing and for moms like myself and others layoffs can be detrimental to our family lives. There are however ways to weather this storm with little to no detriment to your family and finances.  Here are 5 ways to weather a layoff.

Valentines Day is just around the corner and much like other holidays there are plenty of ways to burn money.  Chocolates, Stuffed Teddy Bears, and Cards for your friends, families, teachers and the list goes on.

Much like every other mother in North Texas I am at home with my children for day 2 of our winter weather storm.  It's been fun to say the least, I have managed to play every game on the Wii, clean the kids rooms, make breakfast, lunch, and dinner and that was all yesterday before noon.

How to save money when grocery shopping for a family.

I know what you are probably thinking....who doesn't enjoy turkey day, I mean good food, friends, family, and the beginning of the holiday season.  For moms like myself and others this is also the beginning of "The Most Stressful Time of the Year" (in my singing voice), why you ask because generally we are the hostess and not the hosted. 

I know that is the title of a book I have around here somewhere amidst all the clutter.  I am sure to find it as soon as I declutter my back closet, kids closet, linen closet, and every closet in the house that is filled to the max with stuff!

No, that is not a type o in my title line..Hi my name is Tiffany and I am a yesaholic.  I have said yes to far too many things in my life that are absolutely overwhelming me and I have found myself drowning in my commitments.   Some things were so much easier to do when there was just the two kids minus the infant but now that there is the three of them I feel I am in over my head.

Fall has finally arrived, amidst 109 degree temperatures during the summer I must say that I am quite ready for this transition.  Fall is one of my favorite fashion times of the year.  I simply adore all of the great clothes you wear while the weather is cold, there are sweaters, wraps, cardigans, boots, leather jackets and the list goes on and on.

After finding out I was pregnant with baby number three I was in shock, this was Not supposed to happen! I felt like a sixteen year old junior in high school who just found out she was pregnant by her no good drop out boyfriend.  Thus  began my total obsession with MTV's reality show Teen Mom.  

I'm riding in the car the other day listening to my favorite radio station when following the soothing and soulful sounds of Maxwell comes a commercial about breastfeeding.  I am stunned, when did breastfeeding become such a big deal that it requires radio advertising?  

I am no Kate Gosselin but after 4 weeks with 3 kids I could tell you a thing or two about being a mom of multiples.  Its true what they say, after two its really not that bad, I mean you are just outnumbered 2 to 1 in my case and everyone has need of you and you get little time to yourself but hey, its not like there's eight of them.....atleast that's what I keep telling myself.

She arrived early but right on time. My beautiful baby girl born Aug 2, 2010 5 weeks and 2 days earlier than her due date.  She didn't catch me off guard however, all three of my children have been preemies and as I predicted Symone followed suit.

My kiddos love The Wiggles so when the opportunity came to take these little ones to see them live I jumped at the chance.  Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie hosted the wiggly Wiggles Circus this weekend beginning Friday, August 6, through Saturday August 7. The great thing about The Wiggles shows is that they are fun, interactive, and kids really get to be apart of all that is going on. 

So my kids want to go camping, when i say they want to go I mean my daughter has asked me a total of 7 times over the last week, that is equal to every single day.  I am at a stand still because I AM NOT the outdoors type.  I mean as a girl, my mother and I both packed up our things after one night of a girl scout campout.  Never did earn that badge....oh well! 

Maternity clothes have gotten I mean very expensive.  I would like to think of them as an investment if you are planning to have more children but if you aren't well they are just plain...EXPENSIVE! 

I really couldn't believe what I heard coming out of my six year olds mouth, those dreaded words that no parent wants to hear.  "There is nothing to do,"she complained.  I stood there with my mouth open in complete shock! I have never heard my daughter complain about being bored, mostly because she has very little downtime.

It's Wednesday...already, a short work week for everyone and an even shorter week for those of us who are out for the summer or headed to summer break.  Every Wednesday during the summer the kids and I head to our local Barnes and Noble for reading time and crafts with Ms. Lindy! I love the Barnes and Noble reading time for a number of reasons.  1.

Ok, so I said that baby number three would not take over my life, HAS! I am in my sixth month soon to be seventh and I am completely consumed with all things baby!  Please note that this is NOT because I want to be but because I have had to be.

I know this has been the hot topic of discussion since it hit the news Sunday morning.  The Forth Worth middle school principal who left her small children hungry and alone while she visited a nightclub. I too gasped while reading the story, a principal one who nurtures and cares daily for does this happen?

TXU will host it's 7th annual City Arts Festival this weekend at Fair Park in Dallas.  The event will be hosted for 3 days, May 7-9.  Free and open to the public the festival will feature nearly 300 renowned artists, entertainment, free admission to fair park museums, a Crafters Village, and a large culinary and children's area.

Have you ever wondered how celebrities seem to look so great while pregnant? Doesn't it seem like no matter where they are, whether it's the red carpet or hanging out around town they seem to look completely pulled together and totally chic? Well, if you are a mom and expecting a child or just had a baby you too can be privy to looking great at half the price!

Mother's Day is just around the corner, I know you are aware of that because outside of Christmas it seems to be the most commercialized holiday of the year! My kids, particularly my six year old, are always so interested in what I want for the big day.

I was appalled when I logged on to MSNBC last week to find the article about the young Russian adoptee who was returned.  Not only was this child sent back to his homeland but he was sent on an airline....alone....with a note stating he was violent and has psychological problems.

I know you remember, the neighborhood kid who would show up on the playground and push everyone around.  The one who always started fights that noone ever wanted to finish.  The neighborhood bully was pretty popular, and not well liked.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays, it seems to initiate spring time with all of the bright colors, pastels, and flowers.  Many families come together to share their faith and love for one another during this holiday season which is filled with Easter plays, egg hunts, baby chicks, chocolate, and of course the Easter Bunny.

Whether we like it or not healthcare reform has come to America.  I for one, am delighted to see the signing of our new healthcare bill, especially for all of the nation's children who go without quality care.  It's undeniable that this bill is historic and every person in this country will be affected in one way or another.

It's that time of the year already, I can hardly believe that it is spring break. 5 full days of sleeping in and staying up late preparing your body and mind for the summer! I am too excited and needless to say my kiddos are too! Generally we reserve our big vacations for the summer and take a small minication during spring break. 

I forgot to blog today, yesterday I forgot both kids lunches for school, and the day before that I forgot to set the alarm meaning everyone woke up late ( which by the way has been a recurring thing since I can't seem to shake the pregnancy sleep anyway).  These are the days of pregnancy that just want to forget!

Happy New Year Everyone, well I know it's New Year's Eve but in just a few short hours we will embark on the beginning of a new era.  It is so exciting to see the end of one decade and the beginning of another, and while there are some things in my mind that I am sure will follow me through the next decade there are just a few things that I have decided that I will put down and never...

Kwanzaa is a holiday celebrated by many African American families in the United States.  While the holiday is celebrated in the month of December the holiday has no religious affiliation.  The celebration  runs from December 26- Janaury 1 with a focus on seven principles used to guide the ceremony.

Texas Ballet Theatre has done it again, their performance of the Nutcracker Ballet at Bass Performance Hall is an absolute must see.  The Nutcracker has always when one of my personal favorites when it comes to the ballet.  I was very excited to see it again and to afford my own children the opportunity to see the story also.

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