Restaurant News for April

Choomongous Challenge

Baseball season means big ballpark food for Texas Rangers fans, and this year is no different with the launch of yet another 2-foot monster from the newly renamed Globe Life Park in Arlington. The Choomongous, named for the Rangers’ new superstar outfielder Shin-Soo Choo, is a gargantuan sandwich topped with soy sauce and teriyaki-marinated skirt steak and a spicy Asian slaw. Sesame oil, garlic, Sriracha sauce and Mae Ploy-brand sweet chili sauce combine to add a piquant kick. Find it with all the other massive menu items at 24, the concession stand located behind home plate where everything is either 24 inches or 24 ounces. “It’s $26 and meant to serve two to four people,” says ballpark food operations manager Casey Rapp. “But I’m sure someone will try to eat it by themselves.” 1000 Ballpark Way, Arlington, 817-273-5222, Read more

Sign of the Times

This zodiac-inspired sipper from Bite City Grill is a pioneering pour, perfect for an Aries. Read more

Coconut Infusion

Lighten up your gatherings with delicate desserts that star this most welcome flavor of spring. Read more

Bubbles and Bites: Chef's Food and Sparkling Wine Pairings

Dust off the flutes and pour a crisp sparkling wine to celebrate nothing more than a great meal. Read more

Cowboy Up and Savor The Brown Stetson

Top a sweet and tangy blend of clover honey and grapefruit juice with a jolt of smooth Texas whiskey, and see if your boots don’t curl. Read more

Restaurant News for March


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An Appetite for Art

Some culinary reflections on the tasty offerings of the Amon Carter’s food-focused exhibit. Read more

The Last Sip: Bird Mule

Hibiscus liqueur adds complexity to a fizzy favorite best enjoyed from a shiny copper mug. Read more

Restaurant News for February


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A Time for Tea

For centuries, tea has been touted for its healing properties and has long been used as alternative medicine to treat everything from high blood pr... Read more