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Now 31, Rodney Jordan said his brief marriage at age 22 was doomed before it started. When he wed, he said, he had had many failed relationships.

PHILADELPHIA - Looking to get into a growth industry? Two words: hoarding cleanup.

What is it about shooting things that kids like so much? Does it even matter? We think not. If you and/or the kids are looking for some high-energy activities that build hand-eye coordination, cooperation, and teamwork, you'll want to check these out.

Youth sports long have been seen as a ticket to a college scholarship, and as college costs go ever higher, parents may be putting more pressure on their children to snag some of that cash.

Q: Does Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF still exist?

It wasn't the first word I ever spoke. (My mother swore that was "go.") But the first word I learned to heed was "watch."

It's time once again for me to clarify my position on spanking. I arrived at this reluctant conclusion because twice in the last week, I've been informed that I believe in it, which is not exactly true.

Just in time for fall, I build a nice flower box. That says so much about my life, I don't even know where to begin. A flower box in fall? Makes no sense whatsoever.

Q. Last year I bought a cell phone for my son so we could stay in touch. He got into a little trouble - bad grades, or something, and his mother took away his phone without consulting me. First, I pay for this phone, so I do not believe she has the right to take it away. Second, I can't talk to him! His mother says he will not be able to use the phone for another month! I live five hours away and only see him once a month! This can't be good ex-etiquette!

Long before I had grandchildren, that inextricable connection that knots us to the future, a woman told me that the enjoyment of dimpled hands and little feet had another side to it.

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