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Like many people I know, I'm fascinated by the wealthy. Not the simple rich who have a mere two commas on their net worth statements but the uber-wealthy multi-billionaires. Bill Gates. Warren Buffett. The Koch brothers. People with so much money that it boggles the mind to think of how they spend it and where they keep it.

What's your happiest Halloween memory? I hope it's a lot better than mine.

Dear Mr. Dad: My family hasn't had a vacation in years - we haven't been able to afford it. But we really need some time off. We're thinking of doing a driving trip over the two-week winter break. Can you suggest some affordable family-friendly places to visit?

In Stamford, Conn., an 11-year-old girl, concerned about a culture of exclusion, invites not just a few close friends, not just her class, but her entire elementary school, to her birthday party. She asks attendees to forego gifts, to instead make a donation to bullying prevention programs. She collects $1,300 from the more than 100 people who attend.

Q: How do I handle a difference in the way my ex and I celebrate holidays now that we have broken up? Although my children's father follows no particular religion, his new wife is a religion that does not celebrate holidays and is really downplaying the upcoming holiday season. We always celebrated and the kids expect it. With Halloween coming up, this is really difficult. What's good Ex-Etiquette?

I'm a speed reader. Have been since I was a teen. My mother worked for the continuing education department of a university, and they were offering a class on speed reading and needed one more person to fill out the class. I became that one person.

Since the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, several elementary teachers have asked me why so many of today's kids come to school with anxiety issues. That's a good question, one that I think goes to the heart of contemporary American parenting.

PHILADELOPHIA - The photograph that 6-year-old Logan Reed snapped near the place he once lived as a homeless child conveys not a thousand words, as the saying goes, but one plain desire.

Our house is really more of a hutch than a house. In the overheated L.A. market, it probably wouldn't even fetch $1 million. Not exactly a showplace.

ORLANDO, Fla. - Teresa Apgar once envisioned her senior years as a time of globe-trotting travel and a busy social life. Instead, she's chauffeuring an 8-year-old to tae kwon do, learning about attention-deficit disorder and supervising math homework.

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