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If you were driving by the house last week and saw a small naked boy watering the ivy with what God gave him, I'd like to explain.

Dear Mr. Dad: My son, age 8, is very overweight. We've talked about how he has to start eating less and get more exercise. But he doesn't want to play sports because the other kids make fun of his weight. And even though I'm trying to change his diet - by making him eat more vegetables and taking away his dessert privileges - his weight isn't changing. Just the other day I found a bunch of candy wrappers in his room. What can I do?

I believe most mothers, including me, are yo-yo mamas.

What do you say when someone asks about your home? How can words do justice to a place that's in your heart?

The advertising photos are meant to be empowering, feminist even, a thumb-in-the-eye response to the well-documented sexism of the tech world. Yet, I glance at these beautiful and beautifully talented women posing in their skivvies and think, This ain't the way to get respect, sisters.

Q: I homeschooled my oldest, an 8-year-old boy, until this year. He started third grade in public school in August. As a homeschooling mom, I was not a micromanager and don't want to become one now, but the school virtually insists that parents help with homework. I want him to be independent. What are your thoughts on this?

Q: What is the role of a high school guidance counselor?

Q: I am the mother of a 5-year-old daughter. I married her father at a rather young age, and we divorced three years later. It has now been two more years, and over the last few months it seems my old feelings for him are coming back! As time goes on he becomes more and more attractive. I'm concerned, however, that I'd be breaking some unspoken rule about dating your ex. What's good ex-etiquette?

As per Anais Nin, I believe only in the intoxication of other people. Silly me. As if that kind of high can ever last. As if people don't come and go.

PITTSBURGH - It's one of those messy truths about parenthood: What happens in a diaper doesn't always stay in a diaper.

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