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Having a life of my own while also being a wife and the mom of a tween, who still enjoys spending time with me, gives me a guilt complex sometimes.

Courtney Grady understands the allure of video games.

Next to regular Barbie - that unrealistically proportioned nemesis of "normal" female bodies everywhere - the more compact stature and rounder curves of "Average Barbie," created by Greenfield, Pa., artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm, looked like a healthier version of the female form to many who saw it online.

Spring is finally here, and after a particularly brutal and prolonged winter it is a welcome relief. With spring comes Easter and other spring holidays; it also is the time when children of separated and blended families can feel anxiety, manifesting in "bad" behavior. Using each person's dominant sense, you will be able to have an understanding of when they are not coping and also how to alleviate their anxiety and concerns.

It's Wednesday morning in Old Colorado City, and 10 new moms and their babies have arrived with their yoga mats.

Family vacations are an excellent time to reconnect. As kids blossom into teenagers, they want their independence and tend to spend more time participating in extracurricular activities, hanging out with friends, at sporting events or working. At times your home may feel like a group of people living under the same roof without a lot of interaction. As kids grow older, family time is more difficult to juggle with busier schedules and multiple priorities.

How is it that giving candy and chocolate to kids has become such a major part of so many holiday celebrations? Every one of those holidays has its own, special, traditional sugary treat. In the case of Easter, of course, it's eggs and bunnies. But these days we're hearing from more and more parents of very young children who are looking for two things: reduced-sugar treats for the kiddies, and toys that aren't too big for their little ones to pick up and play with. Here are some of our spring Easter-basket-stuffing faves that satisfy both of those requirements.

Years ago, I had a stunning realization that has served me well in all my seasons since.

Your daughter is a couch potato. Will urging her to get more exercise give her a bad body image?

Dear Mr. Dad: My son is 6, and he's still having temper tantrums. Call me crazy, but I thought they would have petered out long ago. Most of the other parents we know say their kids stopped having tantrums when they were 2 or 3. But my son is giving no indication that he's going to relent anytime soon. What should we do? How long do we have to wait for him to stop?

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