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ORLANDO - Brutally battered on a June night five years ago, Joi Partain became known as the "Golf Club Girl" for her ex-boyfriend's weapon of choice.

In this season of trying out for high school sports - then not making the team and thinking it's the end of the world - our children need to learn how to manage their rejection and disappointment.

The vast majority of conservative Americans - 81 percent - believe it's "especially important" for children to be taught religious faith, while most liberals - 88 percent - place tolerance at the top of their list of values children should learn.

Did you know only 10 percent of American adults and children eat the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables each day? This means many families are missing out on the health benefits that fruits and vegetables provide, such as a lowered risk for heart disease and some types of cancer. By serving family meals that showcase a variety of ingredients from all five food groups, you will help your family meet their daily recommended servings and encourage lifelong healthy eating patterns.

If you're a football fan, your eyes have been glued to the news for updates on how the NFL is handling abuse issues within the league. More than one player has their career on the line for making questionable decisions when it comes to disciplining their kids. As parents, we all make mistakes and fall short from time to time, but when it comes to keeping our anger in check, we can't afford to get it wrong. Keeping kids safe has to be our number one priority. Below you'll find a few tips to help set boundaries and prevent tempers from flaring.

Joshua Chambers may be only 5 years old, but he's savvy enough to understand that if life gives you an opportunity to mix whipped cream and cheerleaders, you should seize the day.

Parents may complain they are frazzled, multi-tasking messes (or maybe that's just me?) but when it comes to focusing on work and other key tasks, they report more focus than those without kids, a recent poll found. The results may seem "counter-intuitive," but they showed parents reported longer attention spans than adults without children.

"I'm Officer Otis, and I'm here to help!"

My crucible was a papier-mache pueblo village.

One day you'll lie on the couch with a magazine, occasionally offering helpful suggestions to your children as they make you dinner, and it won't even be Mother's Day. Are you laughing? I understand. My kids are 15 and 11 now, and recently they prepared a meal of baked tofu, mashed potatoes, and salad. But when they were little, I never thought that day would come, any more than I believed those chimps at typewriters could someday write Hamlet.

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