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Somewhere on the road between our home in Las Vegas, and the coast of California, where we planned to spend Thanksgiving week with our family, we stopped to eat.

Q: I am 22 years old, and I have a daughter 3 years old. Her father died. Now I have met a guy with two sons, one year and 7 years old. The 7-year-old son can't stand that his father and me are together. When we visit each other, the boy cries and he just wants to sit with his daddy. We have no time alone. I just can't handle it anymore!!! I have started to hate that boy. I love his father so much, but his father is falling for all his son's nonsense. What's good ex-etiquette?

Make the "kids' table" extra fun this year with these Thanksgiving-themed treats. The healthy Veggie Turkeys also make a great snack to share.

For the third time in my career in corporate Financial Services, I was called for an interview in Executive Management. Unlike the previous times, when I had doubted myself and my abilities, I was completely confident that I had what it took to get the job done. I had successfully overcome my impostor syndrome and knew I was every bit as good as the best out there.

I could hear people screaming and the sound of shots. I ran like never before and took cover behind a tree. A bullet whizzed by so close to my ear that I could feel the wind whistling.

Who exactly determines the "prep time" on recipes? I need to talk to them, because I slow-cooked a Chicken Parmesan with a prep time of 20 minutes, and they were WAY off ...

Thanksgiving is approaching and it's not uncommon to realize that our relaxed everyday dinners have left our children's table manners with much to be desired. Help your children to brush up on their table manners in a fun way, by using "Table Manners Cards" specific to their dominate sense. When making these cards with your children, have each represents a different table manners skill or rule. Keep the cards age-appropriate and achievable, and remember to follow the rules on the cards yourself, as children learn most by mimicking those around them.

So many of us enjoy unwrapping gifts so much that we often forget the true spirit of the holiday season. And so with the holiday season fast approaching, we asked parenting and child development expert Denise Daniels for some simple effective ways parents can teach young children an "attitude of gratitude," while still instilling the emotional intelligence skills they'll need to thrive in our ever-changing world. has brought in the royal women of Arendelle to get girls interested in computer science.

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