DFW Moms

Saturated colors, like red and orange, are still trendy choices.

Perfect the art of this beloved side dish in time for the Thanksgiving table.

Lower-intensity workouts and healthy habits save the day when it comes to being sick and staying fit.

She tried saving her children’s keepsakes in boxes until doing so presented an unsightly storage dilemma.

Also new: ‘Jersey Boys’ and ‘Tammy’

Their premature son, who weighed less than 2 pounds at birth, served as ring bearer in the hospital’s first-ever NICU wedding.

Nibble your night away and help a good cause.

This origin story has action and stunning visuals, but its real hero will be Baymax the big caring robot.

A number of local restaurants and businesses are honoring veterans by offering free food and services today.

The still life paintings offer a cheery view of botanical illustrations and impressionist works from some of France’s finest masters, including Degas, Manet and van Gogh.

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