Rekha Basu: Honor James Brady by taking real action on gun violence

| |Wednesday, Aug. 06, 2014

Some of the most powerful lessons about what is good for a nation begin with one person's tragedy. But too often, they're not implemented until more people are martyred to the cause.

Michelle Obama: 'Let’s end veteran homelessness'

| |Wednesday, Jul. 30, 2014

"If your mayor hasn’t signed on to the Mayors Challenge to End Veterans Homelessness, light up their phone lines and ask them why not."

Kounalakis: Russia is now clearly a state sponsor of terror

| |Monday, Jul. 21, 2014

The collective gasp heard around the world after the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 is a recognition that what just happened is different. Civilian casualties in war zones are, unfortunately, all too common, sometimes outpacing the deaths of combatants. But this wanton act of shooting down a civilian airliner falls under a whole new category of terror.

New highway bill swerves to avoid elephant on road

| |Monday, Jul. 21, 2014

Perhaps averting another standoff with Democrats, the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives took a small step earlier this week by allocating an additional $10 billion to continue to paying for freeway projects nationwide.

Conspiracy hobbyists zero in on a new target: Catholic Charities?!

| |Wednesday, Jul. 16, 2014

First, the border hawks lied about the children coming to Texas.

Now, they’re lying about Catholic Charities of Fort Worth and others trying to help.