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Cowboys Camp 7.29.14

Sean Lee talks about his future in Oxnard Tuesday.

Skatepark closed to clean graffiti

Arlington park to be closed at least two weeks.

Yankees Rangers 7.28.14

Yu Darvis beats the Yankees as Derek Jeter has three hit night.

Cowboys Camp 7.27.14

Michael Irvin watches practice in Oxnard Sunday.

Rangers losing hurts business

Rangers record hurts more than team.

Gone With The Wind Museum

Vicky Rogers displays her collection in Cleburne.

A's Rangers 7.26.14

Oakland beats Texas 5-1 Saturday.

Hoops for Humanity

Grapevine and Colleyville Heritage High School basketball and football players volunteer at a Habitat for Humanity build site in east Fort Worth.

Cowboys Camp 7.26.14

Players continue working in California.

Quadruplets born in Fort Worth

After infertility, Wichita Falls couple is surprised with quadruplets.